Dreaming of a Green Thumb….

So…it is no secret that I wasn’t born with a green thumb. I may or may not have once viewed house plants as disposable. At any rate, the problem with that is that I love them!  Therefore, I am slowly working on making a comeback.  While I am (mostly) successful with basic annuals in our yard, I have not been able to find my niche for creating beautiful/successful urn planters for my front porch.  This year, I tried something a bit different.  I placed a sweet potato in each of my urns…YES, sweet potatoes from my potato bin in the pantry.  While they are not perfect (please don’t judge), they have provided beautiful greenery in record time. Within three days, they began to sprout.


I did nothing more than water it when the soil began to dry.  Within two weeks, it looked like this.


Yes, I love the zinnias too…however, the sweet potato and the zinnias never made friends.  I have no idea why.  I am sure it has to do with my less than green thumb.  I removed them and just focused on the sweet potato.  Four weeks later, It is quite a sight…all for the price of a sweet potato…lol . Maybe, I will get brave and add to it for the fall. Fingers crossed I don’t kill it before then…:)



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