DIY Console Table


I have been wanting to redo this space in my breakfast area for some time.  It is a tight space because I have a hutch on the left side of the table and this little table on the right side. The table is really too short and too wide for the space.  Okay…if I’m truly honest about the situation…I need a table that is longer and has more storage to display/store my growing collection of Rae Dunn Pottery.  I want to stop buying it….I really do….  It’s all Rae Dunn’s fault!  She will not quit making cute pottery!  So, I have no other choice, but to build a new table to house it all 🙂


I did look for a table to purchase, but nothing I found was quite right for the space…at least not according to the picture in my head.  So what is a girl to do you ask?….Well, she just needs to go search through the many Ana White furniture plans at and find the perfect table. So, I did just that!


I selected the Rustic X Console Table.  I loved the design, it was longer than my current table, had three levels of storage, and it was shallow which would allow more space around my breakfast table.


I printed off the plans, headed to Home Depot for supplies, and got started.  It also provided me a reason to use my Kreg Jig for the first time and I love it!  It was an easy build, and I felt quite accomplished once it was completed.  My table has some intentional flaws to give it a distressed look and a few unintentional ones, that I hope you can’t see lol.


The best part is that it really does hold a lot of my Rae Dunn collection allowing me to clear out the many piles that had taken over my craft room.  Now on to my craft room makeover… 🙂



Want to make your own?  Click the link below to access the Ana White free plans.

Rustic X Console Table


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And so it begins…

I absolutely love to read a good blog!  Rather than picking up a magazine in the checkout line these days, I catch up on my blog reading instead. I plan to include my favorites on here for your reading enjoyment.  However, I will share that my “first” blog of choice from the very beginning was/is It is my perfectly prepared “cup of tea” tall icy glass of sprite with lime!

I have wanted to write a blog for some time, but have put it off for multiple reasons. More than anything, I didn’t want to start it and then not properly maintain it. Additionally,  I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in my DIY projects or what I had to say.  All said and done… I enjoy writing, decorating, pulling out my paint brushes or tools for a quick “makeover”, and simply channeling my creative energy into a new project.  So, I have decided to run with it.  Hopefully, others will find it to be helpful or at least, an enjoyable read.  If not, I know my sweet mom and sister will read it :).

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