Saturday Antiquing

I had a itching desire (is that a saying?) to go antiquing this morning…after I did a bit of “hunting” for Rae Dunn Pottery this morning, I decided to head over to Angels Antiques.  Angels is located in an (very) old Walmart building.  I had Transferware on the brain.  No…I didn’t have any luck with that, but I did see a lot of cool stuff.  I did come across a few items that caught my eye, though.

Moderntone Platonite glassware was made by the Hazel Atlas Company.  I discovered it through a magazine article I read about fifteen years ago.  (I wish I could locate that article now). I instantly fell in love with it and have collected several pieces over the years. It was made in many colors with the pastels being super popular. Most of my pieces are white.  You can see the white sherbet dish in the front far left.  The green dish in the top left is also from Moderntone Platonite.  Some of the white pieces have a colored rim as you can see in the bottom two pictures.  I have a few pieces with the green rim.  I think I was drawn to the ridge pattern on thee pieces.  I am certainly not an authority on Modertone….I just like it.

How cool are these?  They are brick molds.  I am trying to convince myself that I don’t need them lol


I thought these were cool.  I guess I’m drawn to old books too. Honestly, I am drawn to a lot of things…too many things.


Vintage Johnson Brothers Strawberry Fair China.  So pretty!


Who doesn’t love old rolling pins.


No idea why I took a picture of this…lol


I already have this white Fire King mixing bowl.  I also have it in Jadeite.


This was a cool booth.  So creative and cute.


I also have a vintage Clorox bottle similar to the one here (on the right).  Mine has a cool story behind it. My husband and I went on a walk through the woods on his great-grand parent’s property.  We stumbled a pile of various vintage bottles.  Most were broken, but a few were in tact.  So, of course, they came home with me.


Who doesn’t love an old school locker.  I would love to find a set of smaller ones to repurpose.  Maybe on another day.  I also liked the corbels in picture 2 and I’m a sucker for old insulators.  The colors are so pretty to me.

I passed on most things since I was actually there looking for something specific.  I did bring home a blue ball jar and a vintage Air Force Cookbook from my son’s base.  There was a lot of eye candy, but no transferware.  Maybe next time…


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